Teaching Textbooks Math


Teaching Textbooks is a quality math program that provides computer based lessons and workbooks.  A student can use one or both to move through the lessons.  Instruction is clear and easy to understand and there are plenty of practice problems.  



  • Student can do both workbook and/or online.
  • All instruction is given on the computer
  • Lessons provide clear instruction and quality practice.
  • Computer will auto grade each lesson, quiz and test
  • When an answer is wrong a pop up will appear that tells the student why


  • Not aligned to the SBAC standards used for state testing of grades 3 – 8.   
  • Not being standards-aligned makes it hard to change to a new curriculum later without having gaps in knowledge.
  • Currently requires a CD drive to run.  Web version might begin in 18-19 school year.
  • Tends to run below typical grade level

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