Story of the World History


Story of the World presents world history through narration and storytelling in a four-volume series. While these books are written at increasing levels of difficulty, they might be read aloud to younger children and read independently by older. Provides a classical education approach to history.


  • You have the option to listen to the stories on CD instead of reading.
  • Siblings from multiple grade levels can work on curriculum together
  • Includes many optional project suggestions to deepen students’ understanding of each time period in history
  • Parents often enjoy reading/listening to the history
  • Vol. 1 -4 will give you a chronological account of history.


  • Some of the history is violent
  • It says you can use starting in first grade, but you will have to read it to the student and explain many concepts for 1-3rd grade students
  • A lot of reading
  • Book and workbook are not colorful

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