Singapore Math


Singapore Math Is extremely clear, highly logical and sequential, and has a strong focus on mental math. Students get a good amount of practice without too much repetition. Challenging word problems build thinking skills and help students apply math in a variety of situations.        


  • We offer the US Standards Edition or the Common Core Edition.  
  • Visual math “concepts explained through models” to achieve higher conceptual understanding.
  • For students who want text instruction and a workbook to help with organization.
  • High focus on word problems
  • High focus on solving a problem many ways
  • For high-level thinkers and those good at math


  • Avoid if you are not willing to learn and teach math a bit differently than you were taught.
  • Complaints about having to take extra steps to model math concepts
  • You need to have time to explain and work through math lessons
  • Probably not best for a struggling math student


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