In many ways, this is a textbook online. There are a few games and videos to add variety, but it is mostly text-based. Students find OW to be straightforward and easy to get used to, and comforting in the routine that the program establishes (each unit follows the same pattern of instruction, quizzes, and projects).


  • This is an online, teacher-graded curriculum available to grades 3+
  • Struggles readers can use the read aloud feature to have all lessons read to them.
  • It has been around for a long time, so it has lots of courses, especially high school electives in the area of computers, technology, and career fields.
  • Students and parents can go back to content when they need to review or check something.
  • Students to choose 2 projects in each unit and skip the rest.


  • Heavy on the reading, though not difficult text.
  • The projects can feel like lots of little research papers and posters, but students are encouraged to reflect and apply to their own experiences.
  • The due dates are sometimes not accurate, so students are encouraged to use the percent progress to determine how much to do each day. As we discussed, this can be inaccurate.
  • Assignments vary in complexity, so it is not always possible to set a consistent daily goal. In other words, finishing 1 lesson per day could mean a short quiz or a long paper.

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