Mystery Science


Mystery Science provides video-based lessons, each of which is accompanied by a hands-on experiment or simulation.  It is available for one year in Early Elementary (usually grades K-2) and one year in Upper Elementary (usually grades 3-5). 

The videos and activity sheets are all provided.  Families will need to provide their own household supplies (items such as paper clips, scotch tape, vinegar or lemon juice, etc.) for some units.

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  • Material is presented in a very clear, engaging format
  • Every lesson includes both a short video and a hands-on experiment or simulation
  • If you have multiple elementary students in your home, they may be able to do the same level of Mystery Science together. 


  • This curriculum provides an engaging inroduction to many science topics, but does not go into as much depth on any single topic as some curriculum options do.
  • Only provides enough materials for 2 days/week of Science

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