Moving Beyond the Page


Moving Beyond the Page is a unit study approach based on constructivist theories of learning that primarily targets gifted children. Each year’s curriculum is designated with an age range rather than a particular grade level.

  • Age 4-5 (Pre-K for advanced students, kindergarten for average students)
  • Age 5-7 (kindergarten for advanced students, first grade for average students)
  • Age 6-8 (first grade for advanced students, second grade for average students)
  • Age 7-9 (second grade for advanced students, third grade for average students)
  • Age 8-10 (third grade for advanced students, fourth grade for average students)
  • Age 9-11 (fourth grade for advanced students, fifth grade for average students)
  • Age 10-12 (fifth grade for advanced students, sixth grade for average students)
  • Age 11-13 (sixth grade for advanced students, seventh grade for average students)
  • Age 12-14 (seventh grade for advanced students, eighth grade for average students)


    • Connects literature across many different subjects
    • Students benefit from literature-based thematic learning
    • Great for students above grade level who are good listeners (k-2) and independent workers (3+)
    • Project based learning – hands on
    • High quality materials
    • Great literature collection
  • Offers an age range rather that grade level


    • Hard to use if teaching multiple children at once
    • Students sometimes complain about the amount of reading or lessons being read to them
    • Will need a good amount of 1:1 time for instruction and added parent prep time
  • Weak spelling instruction

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