Get Oregonized


Get Oregonized is a history book for students in 4th or 5th grade that want to study Oregon’s history and regions.  Both the student book and Teacher’s Guide meet standards in social sciences for historical knowledge, geography, economics/finance, civics and government, mathematics, science and the arts.

Get Oregonized is divided into two sections: Oregon’s history and Oregon’s geographic regions. The history section highlights various Native American tribes and the arrival of white people to the region. Students learn about famous explorers including Lewis and Clark, pioneers on the Oregon Trail, and about Oregon life through the eyes and words of children their own age. Important historical pioneer figures are featured including Henderson Luelling, Tabitha Brown, Asahel Bush, Asa Mead Simpson and Abigail Scott Duniway.

The second half of the book explores the regions of the state. Students learn about Oregon’s diverse geography, geology, climate, economy and agriculture.

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