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This program is mostly text-based, but it takes advantage of more interactive technology than Odysseyware, embedding Discovery videos, interactive review games and even some avatar clips and virtual labs. These core subject-area classes are very solid and great preparation for students planning to go on to future education after high school. The content relates to the real world, presenting real-world situations and asking questions that connect back to real events and situations as often as possible.

Course Outlines for FLVS



  • Rigorous
  • Does have ability to Highlight words to do text to speech
  • Some videos
  • Discussion based assessments
  • Compelling and varied
  • Students and parents can go back to content when they need to review or check something.
  • There are opportunities to work with the teacher and other students in the course, if the teacher has set up these assignments as an option.
  • Although the math is partially multiple choice, it has “real world” problems. The lessons present the material in a way that relates back to how math is used in the real world.
  • Students can see how much each assignment is worth so they can gauge how much time and effort to spend on each assignment. This is a great skill to learn.


  • Requires strong reading and writing skills.
  • Assignments vary in complexity, so it is not always possible to set a consistent daily goal. In other words, finishing 1 lesson per day could mean a short quiz or a long paper.


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