Songwriting & Performance


Class Description:  This is a 0.5 credit High School elective class.  Students will study the songwriting process and will learn the basic craft of composing music and lyrics. In addition to creating their own songs, students will perform the songs they write and critique and reflect on their work/process. Students will also learn the fundamentals of song structure, the role and function of each section of a song (verse, pre-chorus, chorus, bridge, refrain, hook) and the melodic components commonly used in each section. Students will spend time deconstructing popular music and analyzing what makes it “work”. Some of the topics covered in the class are: rhyme, imagery, theme and intent, sensory writing, figurative language, free-writing, and storytelling. This class is not genre specific and does not require any knowledge about music theory. A basic understanding or background in singing and music is helpful, but not required.


November 8 @ 18:10
18:10 — 19:10 (1h)

High School Elective Options .5 credits

Anna Gilbert, Emily Williams, Jen Seretan, Jessica Groom, Katrina Rudolph-Wise, Metta Hallgarth, Stephani Rasmussen, Tamarack Grammon