This semester-long course is part of a worldwide educational movement called media literacy. The goal of the media literacy movement is to educate people about how the media impacts both individuals and society as a whole. Students will examine media such as magazines, the Internet, video games, and movies. They’ll learn the kinds of strategies that advertisers use to persuade people to buy products. They’ll also explore how news broadcasters choose which stories to air. Lessons and projects encourage students to examine ways in which media helps shape our culture and the ways in which our culture shapes the media. While many media literacy courses focus upon learning how to make media, this one will focus exclusively on analyzing the media.

Throughout the course, students are asked to answer questions or to reflect on what they’ve read in their notes. The notes are not graded. Rather, they are a way for students to extend their thinking about the lesson content. Students may keep handwritten or typed notes.

November 8 @ 23:15
23:15 — 00:15 (1h)

High School Elective Options .5 credits

Advisory Teacher, Amy Mulvihill, Andrea Schenk, Casey Mulvihill, Dawn Tornquist, Jacob Denbrook, Patrick Williams