You are about to embark on the fascinating history of the Civil War. It is a story of human choices that linked the past to the present and influenced the future. It is a drama of how one nation changed through times of conflict and cooperation. It is a tale of two children (the North and South) living under the same roof (The United States) and how they disagreed over the issues of states’ rights and slavery.

As you study the Civil War, you will detect patterns in the way people thought and acted. You will see familiar patterns in how battles were won and lost. You will also note how events happening today affect the future. The principle of cause and effect applies in everything you do.

Even today, there are some people who believe the South won the Civil War or that the North had no right to abolish slavery. Others cannot believe that people from the South found nothing wrong with enslaving fellow human beings. For all these people, their view of history differs from one another based on their perspective.

November 7 @ 01:55
01:55 — 02:55 (1h)

Social Studies

Amy Mulvihill, Barbara Smith-Gillespie, Geoffrey Robinson, Scott Jones, Valerie Shelton