Twentieth Century American History is a history elective for high school students interested in examining American history during a century of change, continuity, and conflicts.

Students will examine America’s economic, political, governmental, cultural, and technological growing pains during the twentieth century. They will also consider the causes and effects of national and international cooperation, competition, and conflict.

This course seeks to help students develop social studies skills and expand their knowledge of history so that they may achieve the following goals:

  • Understand that the interaction between continuity and change played a huge role in the events in twentieth-century American history.
  • Realize that change happens through times of conflict and cooperation.
  • Develop an increased awareness of how history affects opportunities that are open to future generations.
  • Analyze the numerous ways new technologies and innovation transform society and culture.

In attaining these goals, students will develop insight and perspective on the themes and patterns of history and a greater understanding of today’s world.

November 7 @ 01:50
01:50 — 02:50 (1h)

Social Studies

Amy Mulvihill, Barbara Smith-Gillespie, Geoffrey Robinson, Scott Jones, Valerie Shelton