LA  Reading/Journaling:

Course description:  Welcome to a simple and fun MS elective course where you can read your own selection of ‘grade-level’ books.  There will be weekly free-readings, journal writings, some group discussion questions, and some innovative IT or optional projects to complete.

This course has been created for middle-school (MS) readers of all kinds. This means the 6th, 7th, and 8th graders that love to read, hate to read or read daily with parental reminders, all can find refuge in gaining a school credit while hopefully becoming enthralled in a great book(s) and improving your writing and IT skills!

You will be required to complete the reading log with a minimum of 40 hours of reading for the semester. There are also journal writes and discussion questions.   

November 22 @ 02:50
02:50 — 03:50 (1h)

Middle School Electives

Jodi Coleman, Luke Gunnarson Counselor, Shauna Altman, Tamarack Grammon