Intro to Coding


This is a 0.5 credit High School CTE class.  Students spend the first 4 weeks with programming fundamentals and Scratch (a visual, block programming developed at MIT).  Then we do 4 weeks each with JavaScript and HTML/CSS, working with Khan Academy and Codecademy and other sites that offer tutorials.  Then students brainstorm and execute a final project.

  • Scratch and programming fundamentals
  • JavaScript
  • Independent Coding Project

This is a hard class.  There’s no margin-of-error in coding, and that necessary level of perfection causes lots of frustration (and sometimes tears).  But the kids that have taken it often tell me it’s the best class they’ve taken. It’s a good kind of hard.


Middle school students may take this class with counselor approval.  Motivated middle school students often have the same level of success as high schoolers.  However, the requirements and grading policy are not adapted in any way for younger students.  The class provides High School credit and will count on their high school transcript.

November 7 @ 23:20
23:20 — 00:20 (1h)

Required Electives

Dawn Tornquist