HS Math Lab is a course designed to give you individual math practice and to help you build your math foundations.  There are no tests in this course and all the math is at a level appropriate for you.


All work is done in the online program MobyMax.  MobyMax is a separate math practice program. In this program, you will be doing math at the level that is best for you to improve your math foundations. Your work here is individual and your grade is solely based on time. When you put in the time, you get the grade!

November 8 @ 18:05
18:05 — 19:05 (1h)

High School Elective Options .5 credits

Anna Gilbert, Emily Williams, Jen Seretan, Jessica Groom, Katrina Rudolph-Wise, Metta Hallgarth, Stephani Rasmussen, Tamarack Grammon