Global Catastrophes A and B:


Course description: This course is a  fun way to study the environment. After seeing how the different parts of the earth relate and interact, you have a chance to apply that learning to several global issues such as China’s big dam projects, deforestation and a car’s impact on the environment. There are videos and a few small articles to read, but most of the work is multiple choice, virtual simulations, graphing and making concept maps of the issues.


Most labs are on your computer using simulations, reading maps and graphing – lots of choices


This class is best taken as a 3rd-year science but can be taken 2nd year


This class counts as a lab science


Global Catastrophes A is a prerequisite for Global Catastrophes B


Note: Students who took the course in 2018/19 cannot take Global Catastrophes B. It is the same course but stretched out.


November 7 @ 00:35
00:35 — 01:35 (1h)


Cheri Bullock, Jen Seretan, Laura Saxe-O’Brien