Capstone A is a semester course in a 2 part course for graduation with Baker Charter Schools.  This course is designed to support you in your next steps after high school. It is the bridge between your current high school experience and your plans beyond.

This course (Capstone A) is taken during your Junior Year.   You will then take Capstone B during the first semester of your senior year.

In Capstone A, you will be asked to prepare for college readiness, research possible employment pathways and what it takes to get there, identify what qualities employers are looking for when hiring, create a cover letter and resume,  conduct an interview, research schools and/or possible careers post high school, as well as submit a proposal for your final Capstone project that will be completed and presented first semester of your senior year.
November 8 @ 23:20
23:20 — 00:20 (1h)

High School Capstone

Stephani Rasmussen