Language Arts Through Literature:    

  • This course is a core High School English class, most appropriate for freshman or sophomores who like to read.  Any High School student may take for core credit.
  • 2)  The main emphasis of the course is developing deep/critical reading strategies across a wide range of genres.  In the first semester, the texts studied include: Sherlock Holmes short stories, narrative of place descriptive essays & writings, Shakespeare’s The Tempest, and a dystopian lit. independent choice novel.
  • 3)  The secondary emphasis of the course remains peer collaboration in the writing process.  Students are consistently involved in sharing essays in google docs, commenting on other student’s work within google docs, and consistently improving their own writing through to the final product.  Due to the collaborative nature of the course, only section A is semester is offered during Fall term, and section B (with a new offering of literature) is available in the Spring. This year, I am excited to integrate our LightSail access in order to make more current literature free and accessible to students.  This may come more into play with the accessibility of the semester 1 choice novel, and more fully in B semester.


Language Arts Through Literature A is offered in the fall

Language Arts Through Literature B is offered in the spring

November 6 @ 23:20
23:20 — 00:20 (1h)


Care’e DeMoss, Kate Ryder, Luke Gunnarson, Nick Osborn