Humanities: America Past and Present


This is a humanities core class that is worth 1.0 credits each semester  (.5 Social Studies and .5 Language Arts). Each semester, it meets the credit needs of 1 history class (US history)  as well as a sophomore or Junior level English course. The instructional design is primarily video-based but also emphasizes reading and writing.  The eight modules are similar to an Edynamics course, with lessons, required discussion, quiz, and applied project per each unit. Students will also be reading one novel per semester. as part of the ELA portion of the class.


Section A of this class will be offered in the fall.

Section B of this class will be offered in the spring.

November 6 @ 23:25
23:25 — 00:25 (1h)


Care’e DeMoss, Kate Ryder, Luke Gunnarson, Nick Osborn