creative Writing:  This is a High School English course.  The main emphasis is on developing creative writing skills.  All work is done in Canvas. Coursework involves watching instructional videos, taking notes, participating in discussions, and completing stories/assignments in Canvas.

This course will require the student to compose at least 4 short stories of varying lengths.  Stories can range from 4-5 pages double-spaced and grammatically correct.

There are several other assignments to build students writing in the modules.

Along with the short stories, students will be required to do daily journal writings for 5-15 minutes a day.  These daily journals will also be open for the students to respond to their peers as well.

Creative Writing A is offered in the fall

Creative Writing B is offered in the spring

November 6 @ 23:10
23:10 — 00:10 (1h)


Care’e DeMoss, Kate Ryder, Luke Gunnarson, Nick Osborn