Middle School Earth Science:   This course investigates the Earth’s structure and composition, its changing surface and the role that energy plays in earth systems. This includes rocks and minerals, earthquakes, volcanoes, plate tectonics, the water cycle, and weather. It further discusses the earth’s landmasses and its relationships with its neighbors in space.  This class is most commonly taken in 6th grade.


Middle School Life Science:  In this class, students learn about living organisms, including plants, animals, and human beings. It begins with a review of the basics of science, such as the scientific method, then goes on to explore cellular organization and the organization of living things. Particular emphasis is placed on human biology.  This class is most commonly taken in 7th grade.


Middle School Physical Science:  Physical Science is the study of matter and energy. Students in the Acellus Physical Science course study the basic components that matter is made of, as well as different forms of energy that make things move and change.  This class is most commonly taken in 8th grade.

November 22 @ 02:20
02:20 — 03:20 (1h)


Britten Clark-Huyck, Kaaren Embertson, Mike Long