Language Arts:


6th grade Language Arts:  This class explores the basic elements of literature in a variety of literary and informational texts. Students are taught to look for key ideas and reinforcing details in literature. The course provides review and practice of the conventions of standard English in grammar, spelling, and vocabulary. Some writing is also required.


7th grade Language Arts:  This class focuses on techniques for evaluating literature and grasping meaning from informational texts to improve reading enjoyment and comprehension.  There is instruction regarding conventions of standard English for both literary and nonfiction applications. Some writing it also required.


8th Grade Language Arts:  This class uses excerpts from literary classics in teaching students to analyze literature and recognize literary structures and devices.  Some writing is also required.

November 22 @ 01:35
01:35 — 02:35 (1h)


Meagan Briery, Randell Embertson, Tamarack Grammon