Jason Learning Science


Jason Learning is built around real-world phenomenon and guided by practicing scientists. Students will think scientifically about the world around them, connect with a diverse group of science role models, and tackle challenging standards-based lessons. Each comprehensive JASON Learning curriculum features print and digital materials, hands-on activities, videos and online games for students, as well as lesson plans, and implementation tips.  Live, interactive events throughout the year connect the JASON community with inspirational STEM role models, including renowned scientists and other experts who have pursued STEM careers.


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Zearn Math


Students learn new content in two ways: Independent Digital Lessons and paper and pencil work.  Independent Digital Lessons per grade, covering fluency, concept development, and independent practice.  Students learn new concepts at their own pace, with integrated paper and pencil work that supports knowledge transfer and retention.



  • Math is taught through instructional video (online teacher) and online interactive practice.
  • Online instruction combined with paper/pencil workbooks.  
  • Taught note taking skills
  • Common Core Aligned
  • Combines fluency skills, word problems and core skills practice daily


  • Student needs to be ready for some online instruction
  • Parent guides and lesson plans are online
  • Parent needs to make time to prep for the daily lesson (open it up online or print it all out)

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