Students take a pre-assessment and are placed in the course based on how well they performed.  The students have a pie that represents the total number of topics they have mastered compared to the total number of topics in the course.  

Students have the freedom to move through their pie and pick from a number of topics that are available to them.  When they select a topic they read through a tutorial to learn the concept.  Then the student is expected to answer a similar question 3 – 4 times before the topic is considered mastered and then added to the pie.



  • The student can test out of content and push ahead based on the outcome of the initial pretest.  If a the initial pretest indicates a mastery of less than 15% or more than 80%, then we know that the student needs to be moved to the previous or next course.
  • At any time students have multiple choices as to what to work on.  The student can’t say, “I’m stuck” without having tried each of the 5 – 20 topics available to work on.
  • This curriculum is VERY thorough–the typical gaps in a student’s math skills are solved with this curriculum.  If a student earns a credit in pre-algebra via ALEKS, there is absolutely no doubt that the student is prepared for success in algebra.
  • The Mastery Checks continue to verify that a student’s mastery of an idea is solid.  Students don’t slide by with “almost” knowing the content and getting lucky on a couple of sample problems.


  • There is no variety in how the material is presented; no secondary options when the student needs a second approach to a topic.  There are no videos.
  • If a student’s knowledge isn’t solid, the Mastery Checks will remove pie-slices and send the student back to redo.  This is not really a CON, but if kids aren’t prepared for it they will be frustrated.


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